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Mac OneNote continually asks for sign in when relaunch


Every time I open OneNote, I have to sign in again in Mac.  OneNote is always asking me to sign in.  Every single time I boot up.  If I restart OneNote after signing in, it will ask me again for sign in again.  

  1. Make sure all Microsoft programs are closed
  2. Open the Keychain Access app
  3. In the search box at the top right of Keychain Access, type in "microsoft" without quotes
  4. Take note of the values for Date Modified of all items on the list
  5. Launch OneNote and sign in when prompted.
  6. Quit OneNote (⌘Q)
  7. In Keychain Access, delete all of the entries where the Date Modified has changed since first launched
  8. Launch OneNote again, you will be prompted to sign in again
  9. After this sign in the problem should not reoccur.