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OneNote Error Code List

This is the OneNote error codes.
We can match the meaning of the error code here

0x80042000 The XML is not well-formed.
0x80042001 The XML is invalid.
0x80042002 The section could not be created.
0x80042003 The section could not be opened.
0x80042004 The section does not exist.
0x80042005 The page does not exist.
0x80042006 The file does not exist.
0x80042007 The image could not be inserted.
0x80042008 The ink could not be inserted.
0x80042009 The HTML could not be inserted.
0x8004200a The page could not be opened.
0x8004200b The section is read-only.
0x8004200c The page is read-only.
0x8004200d The outline text could not be inserted.
0x8004200e The page object does not exist.
0x8004200f The binary object does not exist.
0x80042010 The last modified date does not match.
0x80042011 The section group does not exist.
0x80042012 The page does not exist in the section group.
0x80042013 There is no active selection.
0x80042014 The object does not exist.
0x80042015 The notebook does not exist.
0x80042016 The file could not be inserted.
0x80042017 The name is invalid.
0x80042018 The folder (section group) does not exist.
0x80042019 The query is invalid.
0x8004201a The file already exists.
0x8004201b The section is encrypted and locked.
0x8004201c The action is disabled by a policy.

0x8004201d OneNote has not yet synchronized content.
0x8004201E The section is from OneNote 2007 or earlier.
0x8004201F The merge operation failed.
0x80042020 The XML Schema is invalid.
0x80042022 Content loss has occurred (from future versions of OneNote).
0x80042023 The action timed out.
0x80042024 Audio recording is in progress.
0x80042025 The linked-note state is unknown.
0x80042026 No short name exists for the linked note.
0x80042027 No friendly name exists for the linked note.
0x80042028 The linked note URI is invalid.
0x80042029 The linked note thumbnail is invalid.
0x8004202A The importation of linked note thumbnail failed.
0x8004202B Unread highlighting is disabled for the notebook.
0x8004202C The selection is invalid.
0x8004202D The conversion failed.
0x8004202E Edit failed in the Recycle Bin.
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