OneNote Gem Add-Ins

What's new in OneNote 2016?

Add Features:

New Quick Note
OneNote 2016 add "View" tab -> "Window" group -> "New Quick Note" feature.
"New Quick Note" feature will open a mini OneNote window.
New Quick Note
New Quick Note
Remove Features:

Scanned Image
OneNote 2016 Remove "Insert" tab -> "Images" group -> "Scanned Image" feature.
"Scanned Image" can scan a document into your notes. FYI: OneNote can search for text in scanned text.
Remove Scanned Image
Remove Scanned Image
Why remove "Scanned Image" feature?
Previous versions of OneNote had an option to insert a scanned image from a scanner. This feature wasn’t as reliable as it needed to be, especially on 64-bit machines, so we made the decision to remove it from OneNote.
Send to OneNote Tool
OneNote 2016 remove "View" tab -> "Window" group -> "Send to OneNote Tool" feature.
"Send to OneNote Tool" feature run "Send to OneNote Tool", show on Windows desktop.
Remove "Send to OneNote Tool"
Hide Features:

Send to OneNote Tool
OneNote 2016 hide the "Send to OneNote Tool".
Send to OneNote Tool
Send to OneNote Tool
You can go to "OneNote Options" window to enable it.
Check the "Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar".
Enable "Send to OneNote Tool"

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