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2016-8-17, Notebook Suddenly Auto Empty in OneNote


2016-8-18, My OneNote notebook suddenly empty by itself. It display:

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Maybe Reason:
The Windows 10 is updating, the problem suddenly appear.

  1. Close this notebook, here is "ForTestNotebook".
  2. Quit the account.
  3. Re-sign in the account.
  4. From "File" tab -> "Open"  ->  "Open from OneDrive", find the notebook, and re-open it, re-sync it down to your computer.

Reason Come From Product Manager on the OneNote Team
Hey /r/OneNote,
I'm a Product Manager on the OneNote team responsible for OneNote's sync and storage infrastructure. As many of you noticed yesterday, some OneNote users opening the app were shocked to see that OneNote seemed to have deleted all their notes!
Fortunately, that wasn't the case. The OneDrive team made a change to their service which started serving improperly formatted notebook URLs to OneNote clients. OneNote didn't know what to do with URLs which had a "" character in them, as many curious users discovered for themselves. When our app attempted to search the location for the sections it thought were in the notebook, it couldn't find any and proceeded to hide sections that were already downloaded from the user as it thought they didn't exist.
Thankfully, the OneDrive team quickly fixed this issue and we're thinking about updating our modern clients to fail more gracefully when given URLs like the ones returned by OneDrive.
On behalf of the OneNote team, I want to say we're sorry for any inconvenience or stress we might've caused! Thanks for sticking with us and being fans of the product we're building.
Also - huge thanks to /u/redarcher09 and /u/rannelvis whose diagnoses tipped us off to what was causing this problem. Without this feedback, there'd be a good chance of this issue still not being resolved.
Thanks again for the feedback and unprompted troubleshooting info. While the Product team might not always be super active on this subreddit, rest assured we're big time lurkers and really value your input. We have the best users! :)
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