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How to Prevent the OneNote lost notes?

Sometimes, when you open your OneNote, you will find you have lost some notes. How to prevent the OneNote lost notes?
At first, you need to learn what difference with OneNote versions. OneNote version comparison, differences and compatibility

The "Backup" feature just exists in Windows Desktop OneNote. Other OneNote Apps have not "Backup" feature. You can setup backup to prevent lost notes.

In Windows Desktop OneNote -> "File" tab -> "Options" item -> in OneNote Options Window -> "Save & Backup" tab -> "Backup" group -> check "Automatically back up my notebook at the following time interval" -> choose  1 Minute.
OneNote will auto back up the notes after you modified notes 1 minute later.
You can recovery by back up file when you find you lost notes.

Other OneNote versions have not back up feature. 
Backup feature does not exists in OneNote 17, Android OneNote, Mac OneNote, IOS OneNote.
These OneNote Apps always lost notes easily.
If you write new notes in these OneNote apps, and if you don't sync the notes to OneDrive immediately, any OneNote error maybe cause you lost these new notes, include the sync error issues.
This because these new notes still save in local OneNote cache, and the cache is not the really storage.
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