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Can OneNote 2016 Work Offline before Syncing?


Can OneNote 2016 work offline before syncing?



There is no network situation.

OneNote 2016 can works offline without a network.
Everything you type and modify in OneNote is temporarily saved in OneNote's cache.
Once you have a network, OneNote automatically syncs to

Work offline with network

  1. In the OneNote main window, right-click on a notebook. In the pop-up right-click menu, click the  “Notebook Sync Status” menu item.
  2. In OneNote's “Shared Notebook Synchronization” window. How should we sync your notebooks? Choose “Sync manually”.
That way, OneNote won't sync automatically anymore.
The new notes we wrote are temporarily stored in OneNote's cache.
If you want to sync your notes, you can press the shortcut F9 to sync.

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