OneNote Gem Add-Ins

OneNote insert highlight syntax source code

Gem for OneNote now is provided insert highlight syntax code feature.
Syntax Highlight
Click the "Syntax Highlight" feature in Insert group in Edit tab.
Source Code Syntax Highlight Window
In the "Source Code Syntax Highlight" dialog, we can choose the options.

Souce code type : 
ARM, ASP, Assembler, AutoHotKey, Bash, C and C++, C#, CSS, DOS Batch, HTML, Java, INI, Javascript, Jsp, Make, Matlab, Microsoft PwerShell, MSSQL, Object C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, PL/SQL, Tex and LaTeX, Transact-SQL, Visual Basic, XML.

Editor theme: 
Eclipse, Emacs, Flash, Jedit, Visual Studio.

We also use a text box to frame up the code, and can set the code to minimum zise font too.
Syntax Highlight Source Code
We also can create highlight source code with line number too.
Syntax Highlight with Line Number

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