OneNote Gem Add-Ins

OneNote auto slide show pages like PowerPoint

Gem for OneNote now provides an automatic playback function of the pages.

We know that PowerPoint can automatically show the slides in a presentation. Now, we also can make the OneNote play the pages automatically like the PowerPoint.

Follow the steps: 
At first, create a section (.one) in OneNote like create a presentation (.pptx) in PowerPoint.
Next, create pages in OneNote like create slides in PowerPoint.
Then, we can use the "Slide Show" feature in Gem to play all pages of current section in turn.
Of course, we can slide show the pages with full page view like we can do reading view in PowerPoint. (F11 ).
The following is OneNote 2013 full page view effect.
Full page view
And, the "Slide Show" command can also be played on the selected pages. 
It will on play the 2-10 pages when we select the page 2-10.

In addition, "Slideshow"  offers some options. You can specify the delay times (in seconds), and loop slide show the pages.

Download Gem for OneNote