OneNote Gem Add-Ins

OneNote add endnote ( footnote )

Gem for OneNote v16 provide Endnote for OneNote 2013, 2010. You can use it as simple comments.

Endnote: add a note, like a comment or citation, providing more info about something in your page. Subscript numbers referring to endnotes are added to your text. It consists of two linked parts -- the note reference mark and the corresponding note text.

This feature like you use Endnote or Footnote in Word.

Insert Endnote

  • Click where you want to insert the note reference mark in OneNote page.
  • Click the "Endnote" command in "Gem".
Gem places endnote two parts into page
  1. Endnote Mark: a subscript number at the cursor position. 
  2. Endnote Item: note text in endnote box at the end of page.
Now, we can type the note text or comment in the endnote item.

There are 2 links for an endnote. 
  1. Click [1] will jump to endnote text.
  2. Click [M] will jump to Mark [1] paragraph.

Delete Endnote
Delete Endnote Mark
  • Use "Del" or "Backspace" key to delete the reference mark ( subscript number ), sample: [3]
Delete Endnote Item
  1. use "Del" or "Backspace" key to delete the note text in endnote box.
    Sample: 2. The second endnote
  2. Put the cursor in endnote item and use "Delete Endnote" command to delete.
Click the "Refresh Endnote" command in Gem. Gem will remove the broken endnotes, and correct the Mark number.
Download Gem for OneNote