OneNote Gem Add-Ins

OneNote group and change subpages (printouts) title

OneNote 2013 in default, when we send long webpage or document from browsers, we will get one printout main page and multiple subpages in OneNote.
If we input keyword to search the pages, we will get follow search results.
Obviously, the results are not very clear.  We are still hoping to see meaningful page title.

Gem for OneNote 18 now provide batch change subpage's title.
At first, change the title of main page for our hope title. 

change the "Printout" to "Office OneNote Gem".
Next, click the "Gem" tab -> "Group Title" menu -> "Group subpages title" , Gem will batch change the subpages title to main page title + numbers. 

Example: Office OneNote Gem 1, Office OneNote Gem 2, Office OneNote Gem 3 …

Download Gem for OneNote