OneNote Gem Add-Ins

List pages with title tag in current OneNote section

Gem for OneNote provide a feature to list pages with title tag in current OneNote section. This is a special usage OneNote for teammate to cooperation.

You can use this feature to view the project completion of each employee.

Follow sample is use this feature to check a software development project. 
This is a plan for develop a software.

"Plan" section include the steps of develop software
  1. Create a "Plan" section
  2. Create step pages.
  3. Insert a "To Do" checkbox in front of title.
We checked the "To Do" Tags in title after the step complete.

Create a Table of Contents to view the completion

Due to OneNote page list cannot display the step completion ( Checkbox ), we need "Gem for OneNote" to list the page with title tag.
Click the "Reference" tab -> "Table of Contents" menu -> "Page Title Tag List"

"Gem" will create a new Table of Contents page, and list the page with title tags ( checked or uncheck ).
The checked one is the completely.
Download Gem for OneNote