OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Where is my OneNote notebook save?

In OneNote, we can get the notebook folder from Notebook Properties dialog.
  1. Right click on a notebook.
  2. Click the "Properties …" on the popup context menu.
  3. In the "Notebook Properties" window, we can find where is the notebook save in "Location".
  4. Click the "Change Location …" button. You can get the notebook path.
Gem for OneNote help you open the notebook folder directly

Gem for OneNote provide a feature to open the notebook folder directly.
  • Way 1:
    Click the "Gem" tab -> "New" group -> "Folders" menu -> "Current Notebook Folder".
  • Way 2:
    Right click the notebook, next click the "Current Notebook Folder" on the popup context menu.

Gem will open the windows explorer and locate to the notebook path.

Download Gem for OneNote