OneNote Gem Add-Ins

OneNote insert figure, table and equation caption

Gem for OneNote v21 provide new feature to insert caption for figure, table and equation.

What is Caption
Caption is a label for your picture, table or equation.
Once you have added a caption, you can reference your object anywhere in your document by inserting a cross-reference.

Insert Caption for an Object ( Figure, Table, Equation )
  1. Select an image or a table or an equation.
  2. Click "LINK" tab -> "Caption" feature.

"Gem" will label "Figure n" for an image, label "Table n" for a table, label "Equation n" for an  equation, the caption is placed at bottom of the object . 
"n" is a number which auto increase by "Gem".
Insert Caption Anywhere

"Gem" also provide features to insert caption in anywhere.
  1. Put the cursor in anywhere which you want to add a caption
  2. Drop down the "Caption" menu, click "Table Caption"

"Gem" will add a caption in there.
Follow example is add a table caption above of a table.

Download Gem for OneNote