OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Copy OneNote text to clipboard as plain text, and paste to other applications as plain text.

When you copy text (Ctrl + C) from OneNote to clipboard, sometimes you will find you cannot paste (Ctrl + V) it to another applications as plain text, you just paste it as image, event paste nothing to these applications ( they are not Microsoft applications ).

Here list some applications paste OneNote text as image.
  • IM ( QQ, QianNiu, WangWang … )
  • Mind Manager
  • Stick Note
  • Web GMail

Follow is an OneNote Copy feature sample

"Copy" OneNote text to Clipboard

Select some text in OneNote, Click the "Copy" feature or press shortcut ( Ctrl + C ) to copy OneNote text to clipboard.
"Paste" to MindManager Note
Next, we paste to MindManager Note, and will find that MindManager paste it as image.
Gem copy OneNote text as plain text to clipboard

For this reason, "Gem for OneNote" provide a feature "Copy Plain Text" to copy OneNote Text as plain text to clipboard.
  1. Select some OneNote text
  2. Click "Edit" tab -> "Copy Plain Text"

"Gem" will copy the selected OneNote text as plain text to clipboard.
Paste plain text from clipboard to MindManager Note

Simple press shortcut "Ctrl + V" or click "Paste" in MIndManager to paste text to Note.
Now, we got the plain text in MindManager Note.
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