OneNote Gem Add-Ins

How to send web page to OneNote without loses formatting and styles

Send web page abstract to OneNote - Bring to OneNote

Select some text in browser, and send them to OneNote by "Bring to OneNote" . 

To do this is for follow purpose:
  • Use these text as digest for a .mht file.
  • Save the web page title.
  • Save the hyperlinks.
Send whole web page as .mht to OneNote - Favorite to OneNote

Return to browser, send whole web pages as a .mht attach file to OneNote by "Mht to OneNote" in "Favorite to OneNote".

A .mht file save web page information:
  • Web page's html text.
  • Images in web page ( include .gif animate image ).
  • Cascading Style Sheets .css files 
  • Javascript .js files
Quickly View mht attach file offline - Gem for OneNote

Gem for OneNote v25 provide new feature "Web Layout" to view .mht attach file in current page.
  • This feature will view the first .mht attach file when no selected any .mht in current page.
  • Will view the selected .mht attach file when have selected a .mht file.
Web Layout ( .mht attach file viewer )

  • You can select text and copy them from viewer.
  • Click the right top icon "/" to return OneNote ( shortcut ESC ).
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