OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Show slide of PowerPoint Presentation Attach File directly from OneNote

If you like to put the PowerPoint presentations into OneNote as attachment. Sometimes we need to play the PowerPoint presentation attach file directly from OneNote.

Gem for OneNote”v26 offers a new feature to show selected or first PowerPoint presentation in current OneNote page.

Select a PowerPoint Presentation Attach File

  • If you have multiple PowerPoint presentation attach files in an OneNote page, you can select one to play.
  • If not select any presentations, "Gem" will play the first presentation.
Click "Gem" feature "Presentation" to Play

After select a presentation, we can click "Cooperation" tab -> "Play" group -> "Presentation" command to start to show slide.
Press ESC Key, it will return to OneNote.  In this intermediate of the process, without opening and closing PowerPoint, as if it is play by OneNote directly.
Download Gem for OneNote