OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Prefix the Selected OneNote Pages Title

If we have a section used for plan. A task save as a single page.  And the Page Title is task name.

We want to add prefix [Done] to the selected pages title.

Gem for OneNote v26 offers a new feature "Prefix or Suffix Title" to add prefix for selected pages.

Select Pages Which Want to Prefixed
  • At first, we choose and selected some pages.
  • And then, click "Gem" tab -> "Group Title" menu -> "Prefix or Suffix Title" feature.
Specify Title Format

Input "[Done] %s" to Title Format in dialog 'Prefix and suffix title':
  • [Done], is the prefix.
  • %s, will replace with page title.
Batch Prefix the Page Title

Click "OK" button to batch change the select title to specify format. 
The prefix "[Done]" be added before title of all selected pages.
Download Gem for OneNote