OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Delete Part of Title of Selected Notes in OneNote

If we have used "Gem for OneNote" feature  "Prefix or Suffix Title" to add or append text to title,  and want to go back, we can use another "Gem for OneNote" feature "Delete Part of Title".

Choose Pages to Restore Title

Example, We have add prefix "[Done]" before some pages title, and want to restore them.
  • At first, choose and select the pages which we want to restore.
  • Click "Gem" tab -> "Group Titles" menu -> "Delete Part of Title" feature.
Specify Begin and End String

Input in "Delete Part of Title" Dialog:
  • Begin String: [
  • End String: ]
Delete "[Done]" String in Title

Click "OK" button, and "Gem for OneNote" will delete the substring between "Begin String" and "End String" in Title if they are exists. And, we will got follow result, the titles have been deleted the "[Done]" string.
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