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Create Variable Links in OneNote

What is Variable Path

In Windows, sometimes we use Variable Path.
Like follow image, most paths use variable.
For example: Personal folder's path is %USERPROFILE%Documents
As the user profile folder includes Windows login user name.
On the same computer, difference users use difference user profile folder.
  • If login as user "James", the profile folder is C:UsersJames.
  • If login as user "Linton, the profile folder is C:UsersLinton

We usually use variable "%USERPROFILE%" to replace user profile folder C:UsersJames
OneDrive Files Saved in User Profile

For Example: Follow image, SkyDrive's file Doc1.docx, its path is C:UsersJamesSkyDriveDoc1.docx
Create Variable Links in OneNote

  • In "Gem for OneNote", click "Link" tab -> "Hyperlink" group -> "Relative Link" feature.
  • In dialog "Create Relative Local Link", click "File" button to select C:UsersJamesSkyDriveDoc1.docx.
  • In left bottom combo box, choose the item "Create Variable Link" type.
  • And another combo box appear on right side, this is "Variable" combo box.
Modify Variable Link

Choose a variable "%ONEDRIVE%", the variable will be added to the front of link.
Example: %ONEDRIVE%C:UsersJamesSkyDriveDoc1.docx
Please modify to: %ONEDRIVE%Doc1.docx
Generate Variable Link

Click "OK" button, Gem for OneNote will create this variable link in current OneNote page.
Click on this link, Gem will open file: C:UsersJamesSkyDriveDoc1.docx

Variable Links just work with "Gem for OneNote". You have to install "Gem for OneNote", or these variable links cannot work.
Download Gem for OneNote