OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Convert Text to Table in OneNote

Gem for OneNote now provide a new feature to convert selected text to table.

For Example

We have some data separate by commas ( like a data.csv file ). We want to paste them to OneNote, and convert to a table.
Paste and Select These Paragraphs

Select these data paragraphs after paste them.
Click "Object" tab -> "Table" group -> "Convert" menu -> "Convert Text to Table" feature.
Set the Conversion Conditions

Choose the separator as "Commas" on "Convert Text to Table" dialog. It will calculate the new table number of columns and rows. In this example, the Columns is 11 and Rows is 28. 
Click "OK" to start convert text to table.
Conversion Result

We can see the result after convert to table. To cancel convert text to table, we can click "Undo" on OneNote QAT (Quick Access Toolbar).
Download Gem for OneNote