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Reply Outlook Message Include Original Text with OneNote Page as Template

Gem for OneNote v27 also provide using OneNote current page as template to reply Outlook message include original message text feature, "Reply Page on Top".

Step 1. Select an Outlook Message

Select a message in Outlook, which we want to reply.
Select an Outlook message to reply
Step 2. Write an OneNote Page as Message Template

Write an OneNote page for reply message template. You can insert some fields in the template, they will replace with Outlook properties when using "Reply Page on Top".

General Fields
Can be used in page title and content. These fields are:
  • <<Date>>, it will replace with current date.
  • <<DateTime>>, it will replace with current date and time.

Reply Fields
Just be used in page content. These fields are:
  • <<SenderName>>, it will replace with original message sender name.
Wriet an OneNote page as message template
Step 3. "Reply Page on Top" Create a Reply Message include Original Text

Click "Cooperation" tab -> "Outlook" group -> "Reply with Page" menu -> "Reply Page on Top" feature. It will pop up an Outlook reply window.
Reply Page on Top
Step 4. The Reply Message

In the reply message, we can find out:
  • Include original message text.
  • Template text is placed on top.
  • Fields replace with Outlook properties.
  • <<Date>> replace with 6/9/2015.
  • <<SenderName>> repalce with James Linton
The Outlook Reply Message

New Outlook Email with Attachments

Gem will convert the attachments in OneNote page to Outlook attachments.


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