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Word Count for OneNote

Gem for OneNote provide Word Count feature for OneNote. It counts the number of words in a page.

Gem for OneNote also count others:
  •     Count Current Notebook
  •     Count Current Section
  •     Count Current Page
  •     Count Current Paragraph

Word Count

​Put the cursor in the title of page.
In "Gem for OneNote", follow "Gem" tab -> "New" group -> "Count" menu -> Click "Count Current Page" menu item, it will pop up "Count Current Page" window.

In "Count Current Page" window.
It list:
  •     Paragraph (empty): Total paragraphs (Include empty paragraphs).
  •     Paragraph: Total paragraphs (Not include empty paragraphs).
  •     Character (no spaces): Total characters (Not include spaces).
  •     Character (with spaces): Total characters (Include spaces);
Word Count for OneNote
Word Count for OneNote
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