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How to Delete all Empty Paragraphs in OneNote?

In "Gem for OneNote", it has provided a feature in "Edit" tab -> "Change" group -> "Paragraph" menu -> "Remove Extra Empty Paragraphs".

"Remove Extra Empty Paragraphs" is used for remove the empty paragraphs (more than one continues empty paragraphs), and just keep 1 empty paragraph only.

This feature is not delete all empty paragraphs.

And how to delete all empty paragraphs in an OneNote page?
Select all Empty Paragraphs

"Gem for OneNote" provide "Select Empty Paragraphs" in "Edit" tab -> "Change" group -> "Select" menu.

"Select Empty Paragraphs" can select all empty paragraphs.
Select all Empty Paragraphs
Delete all Empty Paragraphs

After select all empty paragraphs, and press "Del" key to delete all empty paragraphs.
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