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How to Copy MathML from OneNote Equation and use for HTML5 Web Page?

"Gem for OneNote" v39.4 add a new feature to help you copy MathML out from OneNote equation.
Create an OneNote Equation

OneNote can insert an equation like in Word.
You just simple click "Insert" tab -> "Equation" command to insert an equation.
or simple press Alt + = keyboard shortcut to insert an equation.

Copy MathML from OneNote Equation

After edited equation completely, click "Design" tab -> "Gem" group -> "MathML" command.
Copy MathML from OneNote Equation
Equation MathML Editor

"Gem" will pop up a "Equation MathML" window.
You can copy or modify MathML in this window.

"OK" button can save and convert MathML to OneNote equation.
Equation MathML Editor
Apply MathML into HTML5 Web Page
This is a web page include MathML tag to display equation.
Currently, only Firefox supports MathML.
Open the mathml.html by Firefox.
File Size: 1 kb
File Type: html
Download File

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