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How to Copy MathML from MathType and Recreate Equation in OneNote

Gem for OneNote v39.4 add "MathML Editor", it can convert MathML to OneNote Equation.
Copy MathML from MathType

Setting MathType Cut and Copy Preferences
To copy MathML from MathType, you need to setting the preferences.
  1. In MathType, click "Preferences" menu -> "Cut and Copy Preferences" menu item.
  2. In "Cut and Copy Preferences" window, choose "MathML or TeX" option.
  3. Choose "MathML 2.0 (namespace attr)".
  4. "OK" -> save the preferences.

Create an Equation in MathType and Copy to Clipboard
Create an Equation in MathType, and press Ctrl+C to copy to clipboard.
The data in clipboard is MathML.
Copy MathML from MathType
Paste MathML to Create OneNote Equation

In OneNote, to create an Equation:
  1.     Press ‚ÄčAlt + = to start create equation.
  2.     Click "Design" tab -> "Gem" group -> "MathML" button.
  3.     In "Equation MathML" window, press Ctrl + v, paste the MathML.
  4.     Click "OK" button to recreate the equation to OneNote.
Paste MathML to Create OneNote Equation
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