OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Using Gem Fix Tools to Open OneNote Cache Folder

OneNote often has some inexplicable problems, even if you reinstall OneNote. Sometimes, you have to clean the OneNote cache to fix these issues.

Gem Fix Tools add a button to help you quickly open the OneNote cache folder, and easy to delete the folder.
Run Gem Fix Tools
After installed Gem for OneNote add-in, you can run Gem Fix Tools from Windows start menu.
Located: OneNoteGem -> Gem for OneNote -> OneNote Gem Fix Tool.
Run OneNote Gem Fix Tools
Open OneNote Cache Folder from Gem Fix Tools

In Gem Fix Tools, click "Tools" tab -> "Cache Folder" button.
It will open the OneNote cache folder in Windows explorer.
Open OneNote Cache Folder from Gem Fix Tools
Clean Cache Folder
Press "Del" key to delete OneNote cache folder.
Clean OneNote Cache Folder
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