OneNote Gem Add-Ins

EXE: Convert OneNote Page to PowerPoint Presentation, Slides, Text Boxes

Gem for OneNote now provides a feature to convert a OneNote page to a PowerPoint presentation.
To facilitate centralized management of the drafts of PowerPoint.
You can start by focusing on OneNote to write the draft of PowerPoint. Then convert to a PowerPoint presentation.
Write Draft for PowerPoint in OneNote 
The format that is suitable for conversion to PowerPoint is as follows:
  1. Gem split the OneNote page by heading 1 to slides of PowerPoint. A Heading 1, generate a slide.
  2. The text of OneNote Heading 1 is the title of PowerPoint slide.
  3. The normal text paragraph below OneNote Heading 1 is split into paragraph blocks by empty paragraph.
  4. A OneNote paragraph block that generates a PowerPoint text box.
Write Draft for PowerPoint in OneNote
Gem's Feature: Convert Page to PPT 
Click “Gem for OneNote” -> “Gem” tab -> “Save as” menu -> “Convert Page to PPT” menu item.

Gem converts the current OneNote page to a PowerPoint presentation in a predetermined format.
Gem's Feature: Convert Page to PPT
Generated PowerPoint Presentation 
The generated PowerPoint presentation, you can see:
  1. OneNote's 3 headings 1, which are generated as 3 PowerPoint slides.
  2. The title of the PowerPoint slide is the text of OneNote Heading 1.
  3. While the paragraph block under OneNote Heading 1, a text box is generated.
  4. A picture of OneNote is converted to a PowerPoint picture.
  5. The Gem then arranges these text boxes and pictures of PowerPoint horizontally.
Generated PowerPoint Presentation
Convert OneNote page to PowerPoint presentation, slides, text boxes with Gem for OneNote.
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