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EXE: OneNote Notebooks Renamed Comparison Table

In OneNote, you can change the notebook name from notebook properties window.
The name of this modified notebooks are not visible in the web OneDrive.
In OneDrive's file list, the old notebooks name are displayed.
That's a lot of confusion.
We need a comparison list of notebooks to know which file corresponds to which notebook.
List of Notebook Name Change Information 
To do this, the Gem for OneNote provides a feature for notebook information to list notebook name changes.

In Gem for OneNote, click on the "Gem" tab -> "Open Notebooks" menu -> “Notebook Information” menu item.
Notebook Name Change Comparison Table
Notebook Name Change Comparison Table
Then, Gem will pop up a Notebooks window.
It list:

  • Current notebook name: Display Name(Nickname)
  • Previous notebook name: Folder Name(Name)
  • Renamed before: Yes, No
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