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EXE: How to Create Equation with LaTeX in Click-to-Run OneNote?

Gem for OneNote 56, for Click-to-Run version of OneNote, install LaTeX to enter LaTeX in OneNote to create a native equation.
Need Click-to-Run OneNote 
To use LaTeX in OneNote, click-to-Run version of OneNote 2016 is required.
For example:
  • The free version of OneNote 2016
  • OneNote 2016 in Office 365
  • OneNote 2016 in Office 2019.
The OneNote 2010, OneNote 2013, and the volume licensing version OneNote 2016 are not available for LaTeX.
You can check your OneNote 2016  version:
Check “File” tab -> “Account” -> “Product Information” -> “About OneNote” button ->  you can find “Click-to-Run” in here.
Click-to-Run OneNote
Install LaTeX for OneNote 2016 
After installed Gem for OneNote add-in, run “OneNote Gem Fix Tool” in Windows Start Menu.
In “OneNote Gem Fix Tool”, click “Tools” tab -> “Install LaTeX” button, to start install LaTeX.
Install LaTeX for OneNote 2016
Using LaTeX in OneNote 2016 
In OneNote 2016, press Alt+=  to enter linear input mode.

  1. Enter: \TeX
  2. Then press space key. OneNote will clears the input.
  3. Then enter LaTeX: \vec{abc}
  4. Then press space key. OneNote generates the corresponding equation.

\TeX<space> \vec{abc}<space>

Use the gem to set up OneNote so that you can use LaTeX to create native equation.
Download Gem for OneNote