OneNote Gem Add-Ins

[2024-05-16] Release CiteBoard for OneNote (Search Box)

[2024-05-16] Release CiteBoard (Search Box)

CiteBoard for Windows OneNote

CiteBoard for Android OneNote

CiteBaord for Mac OneNote

Add a search box

[2020-10-28] Release CiteBoard

Login Form

Improve to support Microsoft new login protocol.

[2020-04-13] Release CiteBoard

Support Microsoft Work Account

It originally only supported Microsoft personal accounts and Microsoft school accounts.
Add support for Microsoft work accounts

CiteBoard for Windows

Download CiteBoard for Android

After successful registration, display download Android version menu items for easy download of CiteBoard for Android.

Decomposed Clipboard Link

Add Windows global keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Q
Fix a  bug.

[2019-09-16] Release CiteBoard for Android

First release.

[2019-09-09] Release CiteBoard for Mac

First release.

[2019-09-01] Release CiteBoard for Windows

First release.

New Features:

Open OneNote CiteBoard Page
Open the CiteBoard page in OneNote to edit. (Required Installed OneNote)

Decomposed Clipboard Link
Select a hyperlink on the web page, and then press Ctrl + C to copy this link and its text to clipboard.
Then use this feature to convert it to plain text (the text + link) in clipboard.
Then easy to paste to other application.

For Example:

MindMap Add-Ins Comparison

Convert to plain text

MindMap Add-Ins Comparison