OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Insert and Display GIF Animated Image in WordNote

WordNote can also add GIF animated images, while supporting display animations in the page.
Create New HTML Note in WordNote 
At first, on the right-click menu of the WordNote page column, click the "New HTML Note" menu Item.
WordNote will create a new HTML note.
This HTML note include:
  1. HTML Viewer
  2. Sample.html attachment
The HTML viewer will display the sample.html.
Create New HTML Note in WordNote
Insert a GIF Image 
Then, delete the Sample.html attachment.
Click “WordNote” tab -> “GIF” feature.
In the “GIF Image” window, choose or paste the full path of GIF image. (the image can be a local file, or URL starts with http:// or https://)
Click “OK”, WordNote will convert GIF image to HTML file, and insert to the cursor as attachment.
Insert a GIF Image
Toggle Pages to Reload the Page, Displaying Animated GIF Image 
Reload the page by toggling the page back and forth.
And, you can see it display the animated GIF image on the page.
Toggle Pages to Reload the Page, Displaying Animated GIF Image
Gem WordNote supports adding and displaying GIF animated Images.
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