OneNote Gem Add-Ins

WordNote – Microsoft OneNote Alternative

WordNote adds features like Office OneNote, based on office Word.
WordNote is a non-cloud alternatives to OneNote.
Add Features of OneNote 
  • Support similar hierarchy of OneNote: Notebook -> Folders -> Page. Folders can support multiple layers of folders.
  • Support similar internal link of OneNote: Notebook link, Folder link, Page link, Paragraph link.
  • Support search in all notebooks. Click the page of search result, WordNote will highlight the keyword in content.
  • Support to modify date time of page.
  • Support To-Do.
  • Support password protect page.
  • If installed Office 365 or Office 2019, it can support drawing and handwriting.
  • Support recycle bin.
  • Support equation.
  • Support send web page to WordNote. Keep full web page format.
  • Bring to WordNote for Outlook, Send email, appointment, meeting, contact, task, note to WordNote.
  • Email page or reply through Outlook.
Features more Powerful than OneNote 
  • WordNote save notes as general Office Word file format .docx, even you can using Office Word to create and edit note without WordNote. Install WordNote just help you to manage the notes.
  • WordNote is software save notebooks to local disk. It can sync by network disk, like Google Drive, DropBox and so on.
  • WordNote use Office Word power edit, compose and print. Illustrated. These features are powerful than OneNote.
  • WordNote use Office Word table, table can merge cells. This OneNote is not possible.
  • WordNote use Office Word table, table can insert formula. This OneNote is not possible.
  • WordNote use Office Word styles, it can be customized yourself Headings. This OneNote is not possible.
  • Embedded Excel, this is can include Excel in page, this is powerful than OneNote.
  • Embedded Visio, this is can include Visio in page, this is powerful than OneNote.
  • Use templates of Office Word. There are more templates than OneNote.
  • Use Word's editing restrictions to enable multiple people to edit a page at the same time, editing only a portion of the content.
  • View Plain PDF attachment, and make comment for PDF pages.
  • Tag tree. WordNote add tag tree like Evernote.
  • Search attachment content to quickly find attachments.
Download WordNote