OneNote Gem Add-Ins

UWP: How to Find and Replace in the OneNote Page?

Search is already available in OneNote UWP, but no replacement functionality is available.
The 11 version of the Gem Menu for OneNote UWP add-on provides a replacement for OneNote UWP.

Find & Replace Menu Item

In Gem Menu for OneNote UWP add-in, click “Edit” menu -> “Find Replace” menu item.
It will open Find & Replace window.

Find & Replace Menu Item

Find & Replace Window

In Find & Replace window, you can do:
  1. Find with case sensitive.
  2. Find: Find one by one.
  3. Replace: Replace one by one.
  4. Replace All: Replace all by one click.
  5. Highlight Position: Scroll to highlight position in current page.
  6. Save: Save the results to OneNote

Find & Replace Window

Save the Results to OneNote

After the replacement is over, we need to press the Save button to save the results to
Back in OneNote UWP, we can press F9 key to speed up sync  the results from


Search and replace on the current page of OneNote UWP with the find and replace features provided by the Gem Menu.

Download Gem Menu for OneNote UWP