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How to Select and Copy the Paragraphs Edited by a User in a OneNote Page?

There are two types of OneNote notebooks:
  1. Local notebook
  2. Shared notebook
OneNote's shared notebooks are saved on and can be shared with multiple users, allowing multiple users to edit the notebooks at the same time.
For multi-user collaboration purposes.
Sometimes we need to extract the paragraphs that a collaboration user has edited.
The "Select by Author" function of Gem for OneNote can achieve the purpose of extracting author paragraphs.

“Select by Author” Feature

“Select by Author” feature is located in Gem’s Cooperation tab -> “Share” group.
Drop down the “Select by Author” menu, it lists all user names that have edited the current OneNote page in menu items.
“Select by Author” Feature

Select the Paragraphs a User has Edited

Click on a user name in the menu.
Gem selects the user's edited content (paragraphs).
Select the Paragraphs a User has Edited

Extract Content that a User has Edited

After selecting the content, we can easily process the user's edited content.
For example:
  1. We can modify the font, weight of these content.
  2. It can also be copied through Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V. Put them to a new page.
Extract Content that a User has Edited


Some of the content becomes edited by the current user on pages selected by the add-ins.
This results in the loss of some information for collaborating users.
After extracting something that a user has edited, we can restore the page to its original state through OneNote's Undo feature.
This allows you to select content that has been edited by another collaboration user.


Extract the paragraphs that a user has edited with the “Select by Author” feature provided by the Gem for OneNote.

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