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How to Create a Local OneNote Notebook and Open Its Windows Folder?

Create OneNote Local Notebook

Click OneNote 2016 “File” tab -> “New”.
  1. Choose “This PC”.
  2. Input the local notebook name in “Notebook Name:”
  3. If you want to specify a Windows folder on your hard drive to store the notebook, you can click on the link "Create in a different folder."
  4. Finally, click the BIG button “Create Notebook”.
OneNote 2016 will create a local notebook which saved in your local disk.
Specify a folder, you can specify a sync folder to a hard disk, or USB stick.
  1. Specified to the network disk folder (like Google Drive, Dropbox …), you can sync your OneNote notebook to multiple computers using the network disk.
  2. Specify to a USB stick, which you can plug in and out of multiple computers to synchronize your notebook.

Create OneNote Local Notebook

Right-click Menu: Current Notebook Folder

Download and install Gem for OneNote add-in.
Right click on a local notebook name, click the “Current Notebook Folder”.
Gem will using Windows Explorer to open the notebook Windows folder.
You can easy to copy the OneNote local notebook.

Right-click Menu: Current Notebook Folder
Download Gem for OneNote