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How to Copy Local Link to the Clipboard for the Current Page of OneNote?

In OneNote, using local links to internal objects, you can quickly jump between OneNote notebooks, OneNote sections, OneNote pages, or paragraphs.

Object Link for OneNote

OneNote provides 2 kinds of links to internal objects:
1. Web link: Links that starts with https:// are web links. This link opens with the Web OneNote (OneNote Online).
2. Local links: Links that start with onenote:// are Internal OneNote links. The links can jump within OneNote's client.

Copies the Local Link of the Current OneNote Page Directly to Clipboard

The Gem for OneNote add-in adds the ability to "Clip Page Local Link" in the right-click menu of a OneNote page.
It's easy to get a local link directly of the current OneNote page. The steps are as follows:
On the list of OneNote pages, use the right mouse button, and in the pop-up right-click menu, find "Page Link" –> under its submenu, click "Clip Page Local Link".
The Gem copies the local link of the current page to the clipboard.
In any editor, press Ctrl+V to paste the onenote:// local link of OneNote.

Gem for OneNote provides the ability to copy local links to OneNote page.

Download Gem for OneNote