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OneNoteGem offers the OneShare website.

The OneShare website generates a web page from a single Page of OneNote.

You can then send a link to this web page to a friend to share a single note in OneNote.

The same OneNote page, edited and then generated again, it still use the same link.

You can create your own shareable homepage, which serves as a table of contents and lists all the shared pages you've created in OneShare.

Visit or Test OneShare

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Purchase OneShare (Subscription)

$ 8.00 / Year
1 GB cloud storage.
10 times change Microsoft account.
How to Register


OneShare Support for Microsoft Accounts

Microsoft Personal Account

OneShare fully supports Notebooks and Class Notebooks of Microsoft Personal Account.

Microsoft School or Work Account

OneShare also supports Microsoft school or work accounts, but requires your administrator to consent on behalf of your organization before sign in OneShare.

Data and Security

You'll sign in to your Microsoft account for OneShare through Microsoft's sign-in web page,
OneShare can't get your password, it only gets the token provided by Microsoft after the login is successful.
OneShare then uses the token to get your OneNote data from
OneShare saves only the OneNote pages you want to share, as well as their pictures and attachments.

Due to the limitation the OneNote content retrieved from, the web page can now only contain the following:

  1. Convert the internal links of this page to HTML anchors. Implement the jump in this HTML file. Specifically, it can be applied to the HTML file of the TOC inserted by Gem’s Add-ins.
  2. Images (Don’t support printouts)
  3. Attachments (Don’t support the large attachments)
  4. 29 Tags
  5. Equation (Firefox can display the equation correctly)
  6. Audio
  7. Video

The contents that are not included are:

  1. Drawings and Handwritings
  2. Tags (Except 29 tags)
  3. Background
  4. Rule Lines and Grid Lines
OneShare main interface

How to Register OneShare

Click the account on top left corner in OneShare to enter user information, then click Register button to input register information to active a Microsoft account.

User information

How to Remove Permissions of OneShare Access to Your OneNote Notebooks?

Remove Permissions