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Use Long View to See all Pages in a Section of OneNote at Once

Sometimes, in order to view the pages in a OneNote section, we have to click on the pages one by one multiple times with the mouse to view them.
In order to easily browse all the pages in a section and reduce the number of mouse clicks, Gem for OneNote v68 provides a long view function, just click on the section and then use the middle scroll wheel to browse all the pages in the section.

Long View Section

On a OneNote section, right-click the section.
On the right-click menu that pops up, click the "Long View Section" menu item.
Long View Section

Long Viewer

At this point, inside the OneNote page, a view appears on the right side.
In this view, you can scroll through all the pages in this section continuously by using the scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse.

Long Viewer

Close Long Viewer

If you want to turn off Long View, you can click the X in the upper-right corner of the OneNote page.
You can also close the long view by pressing the shortcut Alt+F4 with the long view in focus.


 Use the long view provided by Gem for OneNote to see all the pages in a section of OneNote at once.

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