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How to Share a Single Page of OneNote and Get a Static Web Link?

OneShare provides the ability to share a single page of OneNote. Visit OneShare

Share Button of OneShare

Under the main page of OneShare. First, let's take a look at a OneNote page. Then, click the Share button in the top right corner of the main page.

Share Button of OneShare

OneShare Generates Web Page and Shared Link

OneShare starts to generate a static web page from this OneNote page and saves it in OneShare.
When it is done, OneShare provides a link to the static web page.
You can click "Get Link" or simply copy the link in the box.!1-D386665CF7B0F87F!141.html

OneShare Generates Web Page and Shared Link

Send the Link to Friends or Colleagues

You can then send the link to friends or colleagues.!1-D386665CF7B0F87F!141.html

View the Web Page

Once your friends or colleagues receive the link, they can click on the link and view the static page freely in their browser.

View the OneNote Shared Web Page

See an Example

The following link is a sample that has been generated, you can click the link to view the sample.!1-D386665CF7B0F87F!141.html

OneShare Briefly