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The Difference between the Free and Paid Versions of OneNote in 2024

The difference in features between the free version of OneNote and the paid version of OneNote in 2024 is not very big.
The free version of OneNote mainly lacks features for Office Word and Excel.

Free OneNote doesn't Require Purchase,  no Unlicensed Situation

  • The free version of OneNote does not require purchase and will not be unlicensed.
  • The paid version of OneNote is part of the Office installation package and needs to be activated after installation. Otherwise, after expiration, there will be a situation where activation will be required. If not activated, most features will become unavailable.

Free OneNote lacks spreadsheet functionality

Since the free version of the installation package is a single OneNote and does not have Excel installed, it does not have a "spreadsheet" function in the "Insert" tab.
  • Existing Excel Spreadsheet (Insert)
  • New Excel Spreadsheet

Free OneNote Paid OneNote

Free OneNote Exports are missing the options for Word documents

Because Word is not installed, the Word Document options are missing from the Export page of the free version of OneNote.
  • Word Document (*.docx)
  • Word 97 – 2003 Document (*.doc)

Free OneNote Paid OneNote


OneNote for Windows 10 Missing the Files Tab

OneNote for Windows 10, also known as OneNote UWP, differs from Office OneNote in the absence of File tab.

OneNote for Windows 10 Office OneNote

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