OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Mac: Create TOC (Table of Contents) for Pages of Current OneNote Section

Gem Menu for Mac OneNote now provides the ability to list pages of current section.
This will be used as table of contents for the pages.
Table of Contents for Pages 
  1. At first, create a new OneNote page.
  2. Write a title for page.
  3. Wait for this page be synchronized to successfully.
  4. Place the cursor in the page to specify where to place the TOC.
  5. In Gem Menu, click “Insert” menu -> Table of Contents -> “Table of Contents for Section Pages” menu item.
Wait for a while; Gem Menu will create a TOC for pages at the cursor.
Table of Contents for Pages
Format of Table of Contents 
  • The Table of Contents will list all pages of current section.
  • Each item has a link, point to a page. Click on the item, it will jump to the corresponding page.
  • Support the hierarchy of pages. The subpages are indented.

Use the Gem Menu to create table of contents for pages of current MAC OneNote section.
This feature requires connect to If current OneNote page is new or just modified, you'll need to wait for it to sync to completely before using this feature.
Download Gem Menu for Mac OneNote