OneNote Gem Add-Ins

MAC: Insert Syntax Highlighted Program Code in OneNote for Mac

From many computer program IDEs, copying code, and then pasting it into OneNote, you will lose the color highlighted by the code syntax.
The Gem Menu for Mac OneNote now provides syntax highlighting of computer program code, and inserting it into the Mac OneNote.
Copy Code from the IDE
In Mac OS, write Python code in Idle, and you can see that the Python code syntax is highlighted and colored.
Copy Code from the IDE
Paste to OneNote, Lose Color 
When we press COMMAND+C to copy code from Idle and then paste Command+V paste to OneNote, the highlighted color of the code are lost.
This does not make it easy for us to read the code.
Paste to OneNote, Lose Color
Open the Gem Menu Code Syntax Highlighting 
  1. At first, copy program code from IDE.
  2. Next, open Code Syntax Highlighting of Gem Menu. In Gem Menu for Mac OneNote, click “Insert” menu -> “Syntax Highlight” menu item.
Open the Gem Menu Code Syntax Highlighting
Paste Code, Choose Program Source Code Type 
In the pop-up Code highlight window, paste the code.
Then, choose the type of code and editor theme.
Press OK, the syntax-highlighted code is generated and inserted into OneNote.
Paste Code, Choose Program Source Code Type
The Highlighted Code 
Finally, you see the code highlighted by the syntax inserted into the current page of OneNote for Mac.
The Highlighted Code
Options for Code Highlighting 
The Gem Menu for Mac OneNote now supports the following options.
Source Code (Computer Program Language code type):
  • ARM,
  • ASP,
  • Assembler,
  • AutoHotKey,
  • C and C++,
  • C#,
  • CSS,
  • DOS Batch,
  • HTML,
  • INI,
  • Java,
  • Javascript,
  • JSP,
  • Make,
  • Matlab,
  • Microsoft PowerShell,
  • Objective C,
  • Pascal,
  • Perl,
  • PHP,
  • Ruby,
  • Python,
  • PL/SQL,
  • TeX and LaTeX,
  • Transact-SQL,
  • Visual Basic,
  • XML,
  • R,
  • Swift
Editor Theme (Code color style):
  • Anjuta,
  • Eclipse,
  • Emacs,
  • Flash,
  • JEdit,
  • Vim,
  • Visual Studio,
  • Xcode
Font: Fonts used by the code
Size: Size of the code font
Shaping: The background color used by the code block.
Bold: The code is bold to display.
Frame up: Whether to use a border to frame the code.
Line Number: Add line number to the code.
Use Gem Menu to highlight the computer program code and insert it into the Mac OneNote.

Download Gem Menu for Mac OneNote