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Mac: Export All Tags from the Current Mac OneNote Page to A .csv File, And Then Open with Excel

Gem Menu for Mac OneNote add-in provides the ability to export the current page tags.
Export tags have 2 features:
  1. Export tags to .csv file.
  2. Export tags to .xml file.
This article describes how to export tags as .csv files, and open with Excel.
Export All Tags to a .csv File 
At first, in the Mac OneNote, select and open a page with tags (such as: To-Do items).
Then, click “Gem Menu for Mac OneNote” -> “Gem” menu -> “Export Import” -> “Export Tags to CSV” menu item.
Gem will opens a save window, enters the file name, it begins to save the tags of the current page.
Export All Tags to a .csv File
Using Excel to Open CSV File 
Gem open the .csv file using Excel after saves the .csv file successfully
CSV file has 4 columns:
  1. Status of the tag: 0 = Not completed, 1= complete
  2. Tag name.
  3. Paragraph text of tag
  4. The OneNote client link of paragraph of tag: Use this link to jump to the paragraph on Mac OneNote.
Using Excel to Open CSV File
Use Gem Menu to export MAC OneNote tags to a .csv file, and then open with Excel.

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