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Time Axis for OneNote

Mind Map for OneNote v3.0 start add Time Axis for OneNote.

Time Axis general is used for record history for a plan or project with short sentences.

Time Axis

The Time Axis features are included in "Mind Map for OneNote" add-in.

OneNote Time Axis
Time Axis include follow features:
  • Refresh (Time Axis)
    Draw and redraw time axis for current page.
  • New Time Block
    Create a new time block. Time block has a date stamp top of it. You can write sentences follow this date stamp.
  •  Align Left Time Blocks
    Align all Time bocks to left of page.  If you have moved the time blocks, you can use this feature to recovery them by one click.
  • Indent Time Blocks
    Indent selected time blocks to create a sub time blocks. It like you indent a sentence in Outline.

Time Axis Sample

This is a release history of "Gem for OneNote".
It record 2016 release history.

A time block include a date stamp, a start dot and a line for body.
If you create a new time block or change a time block, you need to click "Time Axis" button to redraw the time axis.
Time Axis Sample

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