OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Using a Mind Map as OneNote Page Navigator

In this document. We use follow 2 add-ins to create a mind map in OneNote, and navigate and manage OneNote page.
Using a Mind Map as OneNote Page Navigator
Using Mind Map to Create Subpages

In this example, we use "Mind Map for OneNote" to create main page and subpages.
  1. Using "Main" command to create a "Office" main page
  2. Using "Bottom Subtopic" command to create 4 subpages "Access", "Excel", "Outlook", "Word".

Open a Side Note from Mind Map

Use "Open Link as Side Note" feature in "Gem for OneNote" to Open OneNote page as side note from mind map.

Right click on a topic with hyperlink, on the pop up context menu, click "Open Link as Side Note" item, Gem will open this page as a new side note.

It make the mind map looks like a manager.
Download Mind Map for OneNote