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How to Create a Production Timeline in OneNote (Horizontal Time Axis)?

Add-in "Mind Map for OneNote" add a set of features to create horizontal time axis.

In this document, we will demonstrate to create a complete timeline of implement Web Production Development using this set of features.
OneNote Production Timeline
New a Page Ready to Create a Time Axis

At first, create a new OneNote page, ready to create a time axis.

Create a Horizontal Time Axis

Click Add-in "Axis" tab -> "Horizontal Axis" group -> "Add Block" feature.
Add-in will create a horizontal axis, and a time block.
You can edit the text and time of the block.

Add New Time Block

Click "Add Block" again, to create a new time block.

Shift Left / Right Time Block

You can shift the selected time block to left or right using "Shift Left" or "Shift Right" feature.

Delete Time Block

Using "Delete" feature to delete selected time block.

Refresh Axis

Using "Refresh" feature to redraw the axis after modified text of time block. It will adjust the block to fit for the axis.

GIF Demonstration
Create a Production Timeline in OneNote
Download Mind Map for OneNote