OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Regular import Outlook emails into OneNote

In Outlook, we can use Send to OneNote to save message into OneNote, but this feature just save mail one by one.

Now OneNote Batch provide a new feature to batch import Outlook mails into OneNote, and it can increment import the newer mails at next time.
  1. Click the "Import Outlook mails".
  2. In Section TREE, checked the section which we want to import into.
  3. Click the "Folder" button to select the Outlook folder to import.
  4. Choose whether use the receive date as page title prefix.
  5. Click the "Start" button to perform the import operation.
Finally, we can see the results of import mails.

  • If there are newer mails in the same Outlook folder, we can use this feature to import again, and the OneNote Batch will just import the newer emails.
  • If you want to reimport all the mails in this Outlook folder, you can click the "Reset" button, and click the "Start" to reimport all the emails in this folder.
  • If you want to remove the OneNote page title prefix (2013-04-26 01:08:02) , you can use Gem for OneNote 's "Remove Page Numbering" feature.
  • At the same time, OneNote Batch provide command lines. You can use the command line to create a windows task plan to run import Outlook emails on timer.
Download OneNote Batch