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Import Evernote enex Files to OneNote

OneNote Batch provide import Evernote .enex file ( Evernote's Note Export format ) to OneNote features.

Evernote Export Notes

  1. First of all, in Evernote, select the notebooks ( we want to export )
  2. And then choose in menu: "File" -> "Export"
  3. In export dialog, choose an action to perform: Export as a file in ENEX format (.enex)
  4. Click "Export" button to export Evernote notebooks.

export notebook to .enex file in new Evernote version

Import to OneNote

In OneNote Batch, used the "Import EverNote" function to import .enex file to OneNote specified section.
  1. Select the OneNote section which we want to save the imported notes in the left side.
  2. Then, click "Start" button, and choose the .enex file to import.

It will transfer the Evernote .enex file into OneNote.

This Importer Keep the Evernote Elements

  • Date time of notes of Evernote

  • OneNote page is not saved as HTML format, so, after migrated, we will find notes difference with Evernote notes.
  • If your Evernote notes too much, you should only export a single Evernote notebook to reduce the size of the export file (.enex)


OneNote Batch Import multiple .enex files and Evernote notebooks.

Import Evernote 2.x .enx Files into OneNote

  • Import Evernote 2.3 export format file (.enx) into OneNote.
    • Manually export notebooks from Evernote 2.3 to .enx files 
    • In OneNote Batch, use "Open" (Folder icon) feature to add .enx files to list, then import into OneNote.

For Evernote 3.x - 7.x (don't support Evernote 10.x):

  • Use "List all Evernote notebooks" feature to add all notebooks to list from Evernote application.
  • Use "Evernote Today Notes" feature to add today notes to list from Evernote application.
  • Use "Evernote Yesterday Notes" feature to add yesterday notes to list from Evernote application.
  • Use "Evernote Specify Day Notes" feature to add specify notes to list from Evernote application. In this feature, you can choose a date from calenda,
Finally, click "Start" button to import the notes in the list items into OneNote.

Import Evernote 3.x - 10.x .enex Files into OneNote

  • Export Evernote's notebook to .enex files
    • Manually export notebooks from Evernote to .enex files 
    • Then use "Open" (Folder Icon) to add .enex files into list.
  • Create Evernote tags as OneNote sections. Then import Evernote notes into them.
Finally, click "Start" button to import the notes in the list .enex files into OneNote.



Because OneNote notebook and section group save as Windows folder, section save as a .one file, so your Evernote notebook name cannot include any invalid chars like :, ', " ....

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