OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Import EverNote with tags into OneNote in bulk

OneNote Batch 8.0 improve the "Import EverNote" feature to import EverNote tags.

The EverNote tags will convert to OneNote Gem - Keyword Tags.

Export EverNote's Notes to a .enex file

  1. Select a notebook, right click the notebook, click the "Export Notes…"
  2. Choose "Export as a file in ENEX format (.enex)" to export this notebook to a .enex file.
Using OneNote Batch to import the .enex file into OneNote

  1. Download and install OneNote Batch.
  2. Run OneNote Batch, Click the "Import" tab -> "EverNote" command
  3. Check an OneNote section in the left tree to save the notes, here is: new -> For Test.
  4. Check the "Import EverNote Tags as Keyword Tags"
  5. Click the "Start" button and choose the .enex file and import the note into OneNote.
Using OneNote Gem - Keyword Tags to browse the tags

  1. Download and install OneNote Gem - Favorites add-in.
  2. Run OneNote, Click the "Home" tab -> "Keyword Tags" command
  3. Click a tag in Keyword Tags Window to list the notes with the tag.
  4. Click the note will navigate to the page.

Download OneNote Batch