OneNote Gem Add-Ins

Import text files folder and subfolders tree structure into OneNote

OneNote Batch 8 now provide import .txt file folder feature.

Import txt folder feature will do these.
For a subfolder, 
  1. Create a Section named by subfolder name and import all .txt files in this folder into this section.
  2. Create a Section Group named by subfolder name and create its subfolder in it.

For a txt file,
  • Create a new page and import the txt file.

Specify a txt file folder to import
  1. Click "Import" tab -> "Folder" group -> "Txt Folder" button.
  2. Check a notebook in left section tree.
  3. Open and choose a .txt file folder, OneNote Batch will list the .txt files and folder tree which OneNote Batch will create.
  4. Click "Start" button to start import.
The import result
After create section group and section, import .txt files. Follow is the sample.
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